poollargeMy Vet Hydro is a purpose built facility with a range of treatment rooms that interlink to offer a calm and enriched environment to each animal.

  • Land base treatment rooms
  • Large bespoke hydrotherapy pool- heated to 30 degrees for optimum therapeutic benefits. With easy access ramps with can be used for muscle loading work.
  • Hydro-physio water treadmill
  • Therapeutic shower systems for massage, warming up and cooling down
  • Underwater proprioceptive pods
  • Showering and drying room
  • Large car park
  • On site veterinary hospital with 24 Hour extensive in-patient care

Here at My Vet Hydro we pride ourselves on gold standard treatment and excellent hygiene, health and safety. The water is chlorinated, filtered and has a Quantum Photocatalytic Oxidiser water purification system to ensure optimal water quality.